Warm to hot food

Is anyone is serving warm food yet? We’ve offered and sometimes he likes it and sometimes he doesn’t
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He's been having full hot meals since 6m

@Alice like ones that you have to blow on to cool down?

@Laura yes he blows his own food

@Alice oh wowww that’s good

Same as Alice :) have done since she was 6 months as she has the same as us x

I mean mine has the same as ours but we wait until it’s like cool to warm not warm to hot xx

Same as above - sometimes if it’s too warm she’ll give it a go, pop it down a wait a few minutes to try again.. I give it to her & say ‘ it’s hot ‘ & she’ll repeat ‘ hot ‘ & attempt to blow Xx

Oh sorry I misunderstood! Yeah I guess we wait for it to cool down a little bit but we still give it quite warm/hot and she will say “hot” and blow it if it’s too hot or she will say “warm” if it’s about right and eat it haha xx

Thank you ladies I might serve it too him a bit sooner than usual and see how we get on! I think we just haven’t got passed the heat test stage xx

My little girls knows to check if it’s hot, she will say hot or warm and will blow it if it’s too hot. I usually dish hers up 5 mins beforehand so it cools down a bit or she gets hangry lol

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