My little one had started climbing up furniture and climbing on me to stand up. When he climbs on me, I've noticed he has started to bite me. Has everyone else experienced this? When he does this, I instantly put him down and tell me off.
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Welcome to my life for the last two months. Unfortunately telling him off doesn’t work so I still get a nibble a few times a day 😝

Yes! Milo bit me 3 times yesterday and I told him of every time 🤞🏻 he’s yet to bite me today

Yes to all of this. Most recently he really like the look of my knee to bite 🤣🙈 I'm guessing/hoping it's all a phase. I just try distract him or move him when he goes in for the bite, he eyes it up first so quite easy for me to tell when he's about to pounce

I get bitten everyday😂😂 my toes, kneecaps, anything he can try get his mouth around x

Toes are her favourite! But she just cut 2 top molars and bottom ones are ready to pop, so guess that's why


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