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Looking to buy a Rapid Cool... But confused on how to use it lol. If my boy takes 5 oz how do you measure that directly using the rapid cool.
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So how I use it on the go is I take hour water out and the powder pre measured in pot. I measure the water in the bottle add the powder and then mix and then pour into the rapid cool and shake. Doing it this way means it needs sterilising. I’ve seen posts where some people use the hot shot method though and apparently you dont have to sterilise it that way as the formula doesn’t go in x

Don’t know if you would use TikTok but I’ve seen a few people video ways of using the rapid cool so there’s plenty on there you can search x

I just use the rapid cool to cool the water and use a 2-3oz hot shot to kill bacteria in the milk, that way you don’t have to constant sterilise it.

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