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For any cat owners, has anyone experienced the same… if so what was the outcome? My cat has been off for days, she’s an outdoor cat and is usually always out but recently she’s barely going out and just doesn’t seem herself at all. She’s still eating the same but she seems to have lost quite a bit of weight. She does get flead and wormed also. I’ve of course got her an appointment with the vet but I’m just worried and wondering if anyone else has experienced similar and what was the cause?
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Vet nurse here. Can be a lot of things. Have you seen any obvious wounds/bites? Are you suspecting that's she eaten anything poisonous etc? Any mobility/lameness/pain concerns? Sorry for rambling, I do vet telephone triage and are on autopilot 😅

@Linnea no wounds or anything, that’s the first thing we checked as she is prone to getting into fights. She does often get random scabby patches on her face etc but we’ve previously been told it looks like an allergic reaction to something (perhaps somewhere she’s going frequently). Were wondering if there’s a possibility of rat poison… we’ve found out that some of the neighbours on the street opposite have had a rat problem (she also often catches rats) so now we’re wondering if they’ve put any poison down (my partner is going to go ask when he’s home from work so we can mention it to the vet) but then also wondering if she could catch a disease or something from a rat? No lameness or obvious pain (I’ve had a good feel around) she just seems a bit lethargic and not herself

She could have caught something from the rat, difficult to say. Probably a good idea for her to have a proper check up by the vet sooner rather than later

@Linnea she’s booked in for tomorrow so fingers crossed they figure it out. Just worried it’ll cost me a fortune for all the tests with not knowing 🤦🏻‍♀️ my partner spoke to someone who has rat poison down but it’s in a box a cat physically can’t get in. However apparently someone out some weed killer down to help kill the rats that were there

Mention all of that to the vet when you see them. Obviously if there is a risk she could have ingested any rat poison or weed killer I'd contact them sooner. But I getbits tricky to say if she has ingested any of it. They won't always show signs straight away if they have

@Linnea yeah I will definitely mention it all. I’ll just stick to my appointment tomorrow unless she gets worse

@Linnea out of curiosity if they did tests and found it was weed killer or something, do you know what the course of treatment would usually be? Assuming it can be treated?

Depends on how long it was since they ingested it. It might be too late for certain treatments. Most likely to be hospitalised on fluids for a few days

@Linnea so we’re none the wiser but the vets aren’t concerned that she has ingested anything she shouldn’t as all her obs seem fine, she isn’t vomiting and she’s eating as normal etc. Just going to see how she goes but as far as they can see there’s nothing major wrong

Ah really, yeah it's tricky to say unless you've actually seen or have strong suspicion she did ingest it. Hopefully she feels better soon x

@Linnea exactly. Fingers crossed she perks up soon

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