Looking for recommendations for cots, high chairs and weaning sets! What should I be looking for? Currently I am looking at John Lewis Everyday range for cot and high chair. Any experiences? I also have heard good things about Ikea. Random question but how important is it for weaning sets, that the plates have suction to stick to the high chair table? 🤣 I'm also hesitant to spend too much money in case my baby hates them 🤣
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Hi Sarah. We got the plates with suction, but for us, it was a waste of money. Little one would still pull it off the table. So then we got her a bamboo plate and a little shot glass, and just taught her that the plate and cup stays on the table. If she throws it on the floor, glass breaks and food spills everywhere. It took a second, but now she leaves it all on the table.

@Katya really helpful, thank you! Great tips with the shot glass 🤣

We got suction bowls and yeah they don't stay put very long. Usually pulls the bowl off and tips the contents on to his tray. I just use basic plastic picnic plates for him now that i already had but he mostly puts the food he wants on his tray and gives me back the plate 😂

High chair I got the sweatyfox I think it is but wouldn't necessarily recommend. Was expensive and sounded great but didn't use it like I expected. Something cheaper and more basic would have been fine! And I can't remember where my cot came from haha

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