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My daughter is due to turn 3 in July and I am having a nightmare with potty training. She was amazing but since we introduced nickers she’s gone backwards, pees through her nickers, won’t do a poo and won’t pull her nickers down. She’ll be going to big school this year and I’m so worried they won’t accept her because of her not being potty trained. Please I’m begging for some advice, I’m completely lost! I’ve started giving her a chocolate after she does a wee on the potty but that doesn’t seem to be working
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No advice but following as my son's the same - he happily does wees in the potty when we prompt him but never asks to go. We tried putting him in pants, and he just wet and soiled himself and didn't seem to care! 🙈 He's back in nappies now and he'll be 3 in June so similar age to your daughter.

Have you taken the knickers back off? Maybe she’s not ready for them as it gives a similar feeling of security as a nappy. My son didn’t have underwear for maybe the first 2 months.

If she mastered the potty without knickers then it is likely the knickers remind her of nappies and she's just forgetting. We mastered potty training without pants and he wore trousers only. Once I was sure he had the hang of it we introduced pants. We practiced pulling down and pulling up pants/trousers by himself until he was confident doing it himself. We let him pick his pants out in the morning and remind him they are his big boys pants and he doesn't want to get them wet. He still has wee accidents at nursery on average every other day but I think that's pretty normal when they're distracted. Do the school require her to be in knickers?

I keep trying her with nickers, sometimes she gets it but most of the time it’s accidents. The play group she’s in don’t mind nappies, they’ll help with potty training but she is going to big school in September and I’m worried. Her speech is a little bit behind so I don’t think she understands what’s I’m trying to tell her when it comes to potty training. I’m just so lost x

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