LO crying in sleep🥺

My little girl is almost 4 months old, she has been a little off on herself I think early teething as showing all the signs! She has done this a few times though where she will be fast asleep for 20/30 mins having a nap then randomly start crying in her sleep and doesn’t stop, I have to sit her up and stir her so she wakes for her to calm down with the crying and then settle her back off to sleep! She doesn’t do it every nap or every day but has done a few times now? Does anyone else experience this or has experienced it? Or should I be concerned? Sorry if this seems silly to post! 🙈🫶🏼
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my little girl does the same thing a lot, sometimes i can just stroke her nose and she’ll drift back off but sometimes i have to actually pick her up and calm her down x

@Lilly💕 exactly the same! My little girl did it literally 10 mins ago! But I could not settle her she was just hysterically crying! Proper tears, the lot! So I sat her up, she eventually opened her eyes so I settled her off again after! I was so worried it was something wrong, so hard when they can’t tell you when something is wrong! It’s a huge guessing game😫 Thank you for your comment🫶🏼🫶🏼

Yes! My LO will keep her eyes closed which is what causes her to keep crying, but i don’t think its anything to worry about & 100% it is a huge guessing game! 💕

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