Washing new clothes

Hi, I know washing babies clothes is really important but can they be done in a quick wash (30mins) or should I do a longer cycle? We have so much clothes & colours so trying to get through as much as possible while doing them in separate washes and want save time where I can? 🫣
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Absolutely, if it were me and I was doing a quick cycle I just have the temperature higher.

I done 3 loads of washing, so many clothes too😂🫢 I done it on temp 40, cotton setting and done an hour 15 cycle, was worried the quick was washing going to be enough🙈🙈

@Kryssi thank you, I just done it on a longer cycle with a higher temp so paranoid 😂 x

@Ieva way to many clothes, I hung everything up last week in the wardrobe and used 50 coat hangers and we still need about another 20 and that’s just on outfits! Vests and sleepsuits, another story😂 that’s why I need to start this early washing😂 but thank you I just put it on a longer cycle with a higher temp as I’m a paranoid first time mum 😂 xx

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