Fed up!!

Anyone just at that stage of totally fed up now? I’ve got 8 weeks left and I’ve not had the best pregnancy this time around and I’ve put on so much weight this time with my girl I literally don’t recognise myself anymore. Totally fed up 😩
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I'm with you there, once I hit nearly 30 weeks it's all just gone a little downhill and now my life is just filled with appointments and my face seems to have changed to me and my skin looks dreadful, definitely not got that pregnancy glow. I'm so grateful to be pregnant but I can't wait for my baby boy to be here now

I am fed up but really trying to hold it together 🤣 we’ve got this far we can do a little bit more!! Getting very heavy and uncomfortable, starting to struggle with my sleep now and no motivation to work - I cross out every week on my notepad and put in my next scans/midwife appointments and write down ante-natal classes, what still needs doing and when by so that makes time feel like it’s going quicker!

Oh honey I’m here with you! I still need to work to aid with financial planning when I’m off but I am absolutely miserable at work…

I’ve got 7 weeks now, god help me!

Yep, I’m 32 weeks and fed up and have gained so much weight I dread to think how I’m going to be by the end of the next 8 weeks 😂 I feel like a big ball, have pelvic pain and get out of breathe doing the smallest of tasks

@Savannah yes I feel this I can’t wait for my baby girl to be here but feel absolutely terrible xx

@@Ellieoh yes the pelvic pain each night is so painful and the no sleep xx

33 weeks and yes I can't wait now to meet my boy

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