Blood in poo- nappy in picture

Anybody else’s baby have red streaks like this and it be due to dairy allergy? Been to the GP who wasn’t concerned but I’m concerned 😣 Baby acting completely normally except poo and discomfort after feeding! We only got alternative formula today but don’t know what to do!
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I believe with a MPA the blood would be darker. That's light so maybe your little one just had trouble passing that stool because red blood usually indicates it's from the lower gut. Does your little one have any other symptoms?

@Brittney she’s had a couple like it since Saturday on and off. Does seem to be uncomfortable and strains before pooing even though she’s not constipated!

That's completely normal for babies especially newborns. Their digestive systems are maturing and they'll grunt and cry because that's the only way they know how to use their muscles until they are a bit older. My 8 week old son's face gets so red and he grunts and sometimes cries when passing a poo.

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