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What time is your baby eating during the day? Do you give one snack in the morning and one in the afternoon? She still wakes up once a night to eat and it is hard to keep up with work.
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700am breakfast and bottle 9am snack 12pm lunch and bottle 3pm snack 5pm dinner 7pm bottle My baby will sometimes wake up at 4am for a bottle but goes back to sleep

@Emilia thank Emilia, I realize I was not giving breakfast with the morning bottle as the daycare gives them food at 9 but seems like that could be what I was missing. I will try see if she’s hungry after the bottle

@Sandra if my baby eats a ton of breakfast, I will skip the bottle because I know she gets a snack at daycare around 9. Or I will give her milk in a cup and she drinks it with her breakfast. If your baby is almost one, I would offer breakfast first and then the bottle and see if that changes anything :)

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