How much milk does your baby drink?

My LO is EBF but I go back to work in a couple weeks and want to start pumping properly to have milk in the freezer but I have no idea how much I should put in each bag. Google seems to say anywhere between 120-250ml but would be helpful to know from actual babies what they drink in a typical bottle.
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We are on 210ml five times a day

My boy was EBF and we are now on bottles of formula and he has 4 6oz bottles a day, alongside his weaning meals x

How often is your little one feeding? They say you make around 0.5oz - 1.5oz per boob, per hour... so my baby eats every 2-3 hours so I would usually give her 2-3oz if we do any bottles (if she's being looked after by someone other than me). They say not to give more than 5oz of breast milk at the absolute most as breast milk is tailored to baby so has more calories per ml than formula usually. I don't do it in mls so no idea if thats any help to you 😅😅

So I actually rang the health visitor about this today! She said 10-12 oz should be fine if I feed him before/after work. Can have a little water if it's hot and solids should be fine for the day xx

I work 1 day a week baby is EBF. The first time he drank 10oz over 3.5 bottles and I pumped 13oz over 3 pumps. The second week he drank 13oz in 4.5 bottles and I pumped 16oz over 4 pumps. They shouldn't have more than 5oz in one go and they should get between 1 or 1.5oz per hour of separation from you. This is different to formula as breastmilk is digested differently so the amounts per bottle should be smaller. You don't want to stretch their stomach get the caregiver to do paced bottle feeding and keep the teat at a 0. You can also feed milk from a doidy cup at this age and just bypass bottle. However my partner has him when I work and enjoys giving the bottle and its a comfort for them to suck. He takes water from a doidy cup alongside solids meals xx

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