Ovulation after giving birth help

Hey! So after giving birth I occasionally take an ovulation test just to see if my hormones have gone back to normal. I have noticed lately though. One day an ovulation test will be getting darker and the next it’s hella light. Then I’ll test again in a few days and the same thing will happen. Has anyone experienced this? I’m 8 months PP
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Are you breastfeeding?

I experienced this after our first son (was exclusively breastfeeding on demand, day and night). I didn’t actually get a cycle back until I think 15 months postpartum. Had one perfect 28 days cycle following that, which was weird for me because typically my cycles were very wonky and long. Then I skipped a month without a period, then got a later than predicted period, then conceived our second (intentionally, haha). Now I’m 3 months pp with our second and having the same thing. Several weeks ago I got what looked like a very positive lh test strip, but was not pregnant and have yet to get a period (also exclusively breastfeeding on demand again).

@Kiarra yes

@Cali aww yea I have been waiting for that hahah thank you! So it’s normal to have it then not? Did you get it bs k because you stopped breast feeding?

@Shaylee your hormones won’t go back to normal until after you’re done bf

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