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My boy is 5 months and now that his sleep cycles have changed he’s up every 2 hours. I need help. Also day time naps are the worst! He will nap against me, with a soother or feed to sleep but other than that he doesn’t nap. I’m trying sleep training but the minute he’s in his bassinet he cries. It’s not like he’s calm for a minute or two and then cries it’s full on hysterical once placed in his bassinet. I can’t do co sleep so please don’t suggest that. Note: At night he goes into the bassinet without crying but wakes every two hours. It’s naps that he thinks his bassinet is hell on earth. Right now trying the 2 minutes of cry, soothe then 3 and repeat to 5 minutes
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Check out Respectful Sleep Training/Learning on Facebook, it was a huge help and helped me Sleep train my daughter at 4months

If you aren't comfortable with contact napping then you probably just have to keep up with the method you've started. At night 5/6mons is an age where they're doing a sleep transition but also a growth period, like when they used to cluster feed, so might be waking due to genuine need for feeding. Their hearing also gets more sensitive at that age, so I wonder if a sound machine might help if you aren't already using one. Hang in there Mumma, you're doing great, and this stage WILL pass.

My dr told me if you answer when they cry they will always cry. He said there's nothing to prove it is harmful scientifically but is a choice parents must make. He said if you go in at any point you train your child that when he reaches that level you will come so he will always cry. I tried being there with body contact at all times and ignoring the crying. It worked great for my son. I just stood beside the crib rubbing his back or hugging him but leaving him in the crib. I'd sing or just say mommy is here you are ok. After 2 days he just slept. Good luck. You are doing well amazing.

Do you have a swing or a bounce chair that he can nap in? Or bring your stroller inside the house so he can nap in it?

Hey Melissa, Anna here from Little winks sleep👋🏻 I’m a certified gentle coach. Feel free to send me a DM, I’d love to help with your LOs sleep💞

@Bonnie hmmm not sure why your dr said that, new research shows the cry it out approach does have a negative impact. When a baby’s cry becomes hysterical they are in survival mode (think fight/flight) and they can’t calm themselves. Humans can’t use their prefrontal cortex when in survival mode, (think toddler and tantrum or adult in shock) so the cry it out essentially just has babies cry until so physically drained they pass out but that’s been shown to have negative impact on the child’s secure attachment. Babies brains are too under developed to manipulate, they calm when held because they rely on co regulation once it’s gotten that far.

@Melissa he hates the containers. Doesn’t mind the stroller when in motion but he’s wide awake observing the world.

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