Hair colour 🥰

Does my daughter look blonde or strawberry to you? 🥰👩‍🦰👱‍♀️ Family say blonde but friends have said she looks like she is going red? It looks different in different lights. Just curious as to what other people see. Either way she is scrumptious 🥰🥰🥰
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Blonde little cutie

I’m having the same debate with my little girl😅 I’d say she’s definitely blonde, maybe the tiniest ginger tinge! Either way she’s stunning😍

@Nikki in some lights you can really see red. I wonder if it’s just a red undertone or if she will be strawberry! 🍓 Thank you 💗

@Becky 😊 thank you xx

I would definitely say blondie 🥰

Aww what a cutie!!

@Martha thank you 🥰

Looks like a little Blondie to me!! 🥰

@Gabrielle even in the photos in the comments? Xx

My little boy is exactly the same hair colour! Love it.

@Sarah what colour would you say it is? X

Blonde then brownish red around 5 years old

@Cali omg brown? Will be interesting to see what colour she actually goes. Both me and my husband are bother blonde x

@Chelsea looks blonde to me in all pics

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