Fastest Ways to Get Over Congestion?

I just started feeling congested last night. It's already really annoying, as I'm sure it'd be for anyone else. I'm really grateful that I'm not coughing painfully like I did in my first trimester for weeks, but I know colds can last a lot longer during pregnancy in general.
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I hope you feel better soon! A humidifier can help tremendously. Also, I hope this is not the case for you because it is super super annoying but some people are just congested most of their pregnancy because of the additional fluid volume in their body. I've been congested since 8 weeks but not sick, definitely not a fun experience but not harmful.

I've been congested too with a slight cough for the past month or so and am getting to the end of it. I've been drinking hot water with lemon and honey. Sometimes I take a spoonful of honey. My dr asked if I would rather have a prescription for zyrtec or robitussin. I picked robitussin in case it was more than spring allergies.

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