Dying hair

At what stage can you dye your hair?? I’ll be going on holiday at the end of June and I’m booked in just before, I’ll be just over 13weeks roughly… do I have highlights or not? what’s everyone’s advice or opinions on this topic?
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Talk to your stylist - but highlights are fine as the dye doesn’t actually touch your scalp! Well that’s what mine told me and I trust her ☺️

You would be required to have a patch test as hormones change, you’re more likely to become allergic to certain things. I know this as I’m a beautician and when tinting/lash lifting, basically anything that is chemical based needs to be patch tested. Also confirm with your stylist, as their insurance may not actually cover them to colour treat pregnant clients. 🤍

Hair stylist here- you will need a patch test first, it’s all personal preference I wording recommend and could directly on the scalp however highlights/balayage would be the best option whilst pregnant as nothing goes directly on the scalp that is that harmful (hope this helped)

Thank you everyone!! I don’t know if I should tell my hair stylist on the day or before hand? Obviously no one knows I’m pregnant yet so wanted to wait until I’m actually at my appointment to speak to her 🤷🏼‍♀️

Ive just had my hair dyed, I told my hairdresser a week before as she recommended I came for a patch test, she put a bit of dye behind my ear and I didn’t wash it off until that evening. I was fine x

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