Toddler hitting/slapping

So recently amongst everything else my toddler has started to slap/hit me when she disagrees with something along with the word no. I’ve tried not to react. I’ve tried telling her no and it’s not nice to hit but I don’t really know what I should be doing about it really.
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I am going though the same thing right now I just try to remind him to be gentle but he still isn’t getting it

My nearly 2 year old is doing the same x

I have to redirect my daughter or go do something completely different n as for disagreeing i just tell her be gentle with mommy we don’t hit yes my daughter is still doing something’s but is getting better

Im so glad im not the only one! My son shouts back no because i always say no thank you. And is starting to hit and slap. So lost of ways to stop it but he just seems to think its the norm

Yep!! She’s been doing it a while now. Tried the kind hands etc but she still goes for it. I have tried to ignore it more and I have noticed it’s become less or she’ll run away in a huff then comes back 10 seconds later happy as anything

Same with my son. For a week now he starts hitting me with hand or his toys. I keep telling him it make me sad or its painful. That he shoudnt hit other people but I believe he doesnt care at all.

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