Has anyone had a Colposcopy done while pregnant?

I had abnormal cells at my last pap and my doctor needed to do a biopsy of my cervix as it was concerning enough. I've had abnormal cells before, but he told me he wants me to have a c section when the time comes to not stretch my cervix, it's the safest way. I'm really scared, I've only ever delivered vaginally so it's all new for me. This is my 4th baby.
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I say get a 2nd opinion on that. I was due a follow up colposcopy when I was 30+ weeks pregnant. Doctor said I should deliver as desired and come back for the colposcopy 3 months after birth. I had a pretty normal vaginal delivery despite abnormal pap

@Tobi he is referring me to the oncologist in the area for the second opinion, as of now it's not cancer, just severe dysplasia.

I agree with the above comment. I’d get a second opinion. I had a colposcopy when I was like 8 weeks pregnant, had a normal pregnancy with a vaginal delivery and then a follow up colposcopy at my six week postpartum appointment.

Honestly, second opinion aside, I also tested positive and it is known that pregnant women will test positively for that and it’s because of the pregnancy. I had a colposcopy but my doctor only did visual because doing a biopsy is dangerous while pregnant and suggested I retest after I give birth to access whether a colposcopy biopsy is really necessary. Per the studies you should test 12 weeks after giving birth as anytime before will could result in another positive tests. I will wait until the 12 weeks and then retest. An oncologist over a positive pap is extremely overreactive unless he actually found cancer.. which they’d be treating it differently.

@Pamela Noelle he showed me a picture of my cervix and it was fully lit up, said that if I hadn't been pregnant he would have been cutting the whole top of my cervix off then. So idk if it's an overreaction, just concern. 🤷🏽‍♀️ The whole thing just had me worried/scared ya know?

@DeAnna I’m so sorry! There wasn’t a ton of detail, however, I would implore you to definitely get a second opinion because biopsies while pregnant can put the pregnancy at risk. Also recommending a c section off of that would also want me to get a second opinion. I’m sorry you’re going through this 🥺

@Pamela Noelle thank you, I am definitely gonna be talking to the oncologist, and the doctor said he doesn't normally do a biopsy during pregnancy, but he was concerned with the way it lit up! I appreciate all your help and words of advice/wisdom! I trust my doctor, I was really just curious who all has had this done and everything was OK. I think he said the reason he wanted to do the c section was because it could possibly make it worse by having a normal labor. Idk

Get a second opinion from another OB if a c section is really necessary. I needed a colposcopy but she wouldn’t do it while I was pregnant and so we waited. Turns out that the abnormal cells cleared after I gave birth so it wasn’t even necessary. Fast forward many years and I had them pop back up but yeah definitely get another opinion if you don’t want a c section. Although I’m not a medical professional by any means.

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