Blood clot?

So, I’m looking for a bit of advice. I am currently 6 weeks pregnant. I’ve been bleeding moderately/lightly since Saturday evening. I went to A&E, they did an internal scan where they saw the gestational sac, yolk sac and fetal pole. They said it was 7mm from crown to rump They were not able to find a heartbeat but said it was probably because it was too early to detect but they still had to calm it a threatened miscarriage. I have another scan on Monday. What do you think this is that has come out in my bleeding?? It’s tiny and there was hardly any blood with it when it came out.
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I’m not a doctor but I would maybe prepare for your scan, I had light bleeding for a week and was only there when I wiped and then after around 7/8 days of lightly bleeding I passed small clots and I had a miscarriage, obviously it might not be as I’m not a doctor but from my experience with something similar mine resulted in a miscarriage x

I did have this early last year and it ended up being a early miscarriage but I pray that’s not the case for you xxx

Like the other ladies have said, I would say just to be mentally prepared for Monday in case 🩷 I miscarried early with my first and had tiny clots and minimal bleeding but baby 2 had a clear heartbeat at her 6w scan. Not all hospitals have the best machines for early scanning and I really hope you get happy news xx

I had a miscarriage in 2022 with my first pregnancy I had bleeding on and off. Then fell pregnant again and had the same bleeding on and off but carried my Lo full term she's now 10 months old, I'm now pregnant again with baby number 2 and had the same bleeding but we saw a heartbeat yesterday so hopefully I will carry this one full term. So don't give up hope bleeding doesn't always mean miscarriage. Sending you lots of positivity 💕

@Leanne thank you x I still have some symptoms but I feel like they might be lessening. Did you lose your symptoms quickly?? X And do you think that’s the fetal pole that has come it or a blood clot!?

@Megan Thank you so much h for the advice!! so do you think that’s the fetal tissue I’ve lost then? Or a blood clot??

@lucy I didnt have any symptoms thoughout my last pregnancy no sickness/ sore boobs nothing and I don't really have any symptoms so far, so I can't really say for certain sorry. I'm no professional but It doesn't look like a clot to me, I've had similar and it just be like a bloody stringy discharge and everything was ok. Stay positive! And good luck for Monday! ❤️

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