How old was your potty trained child before they learned to wipe their own bum? 😅

First world problems I know but I CBA I’m about to wiping 3 different bums (3 kids) and I’d like my almost 4 year old to start wiping his own 😂😂
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Following. My daughter attempts (she’s also almost 4) to but she’s really used to standing up to get wiped, so obviously it’s not a thorough wipe for poop 😅.

My daughter started wiping on her on at 4, we started practicing when she was fully potty train at 3. We mostly use wipes as it easier than toilet paper. She is 6 now, and she does it on her own at school no issues with toilet paper. My son is almost 3, started learning now because he wants to do everything his sister does, I still double check, but he is getting better. Wipes are super helpful with the learning process.

Yeah I think wipes are a good idea he’s started doing it himself and I make sure to check. Sounds like he’ll get the hang of it soon

My son has been wiping since he was trained at 3. However, he was in preschool so he really didn’t have a choice. Sometimes he doesn’t do 100% and you can see some poop on his undies but majority of the time he’s fine, he’s 4 now.

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