Dropping naps?

My little girl seems to be refusing the second nap, if I force it she ends up being awake till 9/10 instead of going to bed at 7. But I feel like 1 nap a day at one is too little. She sleeps 7-7 overnight then has been napping around 11-1 in the day is this ok?
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If it's all she needs then leave her be. I follow my little girls ques. She'll either have 2x1 hour nap or 1x2 hour nap and then sleep 9-6 overnight. She might only need the one big nap and that's okay

Our girl dropped her afternoon nap X3 days in a row last week. Which meant she was waking from her first nap before midday so I was getting so stressed about her getting overtired but she was happily managing to make it through until her normal bedtime of 7/7.30pm so yours might be OK to start dropping one and giving it a try? She's since gone back to 2 naps so just playing it day by day xx

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