Anyone else’s little one still not walking on their own yet?
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My girl will only take 5-6 steps and give up so she isn’t fully on the move yet

Mine! She turns one today and still isn't but my other two didn't walk until about a week or so or longer after they turned one so I'm not super worried

Nope. 1 on May 1st. Doctor is hoping by 15m. 🤷‍♀️

No , mine hasn't started yet but she stands and walks around while holding onto things(furniture )to move around, recently she slowly started to let go and stand without holding onto anything.

My girl isnt yet . She’ll take steps holding onto something tho

Nope! 1 on the 26th and she scales furniture, but absolutely will not even take guided steps. She has let go of what she is holding onto maybe a handful of times.

My girl will take 2-4 steps but then give up! So you’re not alone!

He's close but not yet. Technically they aren't behind till18 months

Nope! Mine turned 1 on April 22nd and I’m not worried at all because he’s hitting all the necessary milestones. He’ll learn at his own pace. 🥰

Mine has taken 6 steps twice, and then has refused to do it ever since. She prefers to cruise along the furniture or crawling. She’ll walk when she’s good and ready I guess.

Mine! She's still cruising on the furniture. Honestly hoping she takes her time. I'm happy for her to slow down just a little lol

Mine only does 3 steps and falls

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