Transition from contact naps help! 🙏

I've been trying to transition from contact naps to sleeping in his next to me for the past two weeks but am really struggling. My LO is 20 weeks and will not go down in his next to me very often (about 3 times on a whim for 30 mins). I've tried so many different t things to help soothe him in his next to me but this seems to make him cry more. I end up giving up and going back to contact napping as, as soon as I pick him up he's sound asleep. He's fine at nighttime (until recently with regression) so why are naps so hard 😪 I feel like giving up as its so stressful but can't get much done during the day. Does anyone have any advice with this? Finding it hard to perservere
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How does he go down for bed- awake or asleep then transfer? Start with first nap of the day when they are sleepiest. I would have to transfer after 10 mins then she would wake 20-25 mins later like clockwork. Did this for WEEKS. Not ideal but gave me 20 mins each morning. Now eventually she can do 45 mins, and can go down awake and goes over with the dummy. Still do 1-2 contact naps per day to make sure she gets enough sleep but at least I have a wee bit of time

He normally goes down once asleep on me and do the arm floppy test. I wonder if this isn't enough. Funny you say the 1st nap as the 3 times he slept in the next to me was the 1st one! Wow 45 mins is defo improvement! Well done! Do you think peservering but maybe work on the first nap is a better start?

I went from the crib to contact naps, back to the crib and then had to go back to contact naps at 4 months! 🤣 But I’ve started weaning her off contact naps by putting her on the bed and lying next to her and settling her to sleep there. To be fair I then just enjoy lying on the bed whilst she sleeps 😆 But I know I need to start getting her back into her crib, just need to find a day when we have zero plans and I can handle her possibly not napping 😬 Very jealous of @CeeCee for putting LO down awake. I’ve never been able to achieve that!!

That was my life for months lol- try transferring around 10-12 mins, I know its not long you get to yourself but I felt like it was better than nothing lol. I could do the bottles, quick tidy, have my breakfast and get ready in 24 mins 😂😂 For me I just did that first nap for ages as during the rest of the day she kept waking after transfer and I was getting more wound up whereas with a contact nap at least allowed me to sit on the sofa lol. Getting her down awake happened so randomly I never expected it after 4 months! She just wouldnt settle in my arms one day so I tried it and she slept I was in shock! Sometimes it I get the wake window right she can go right to sleep herself but mostly she needs the dummy but I see it as a step in the right direction at least that I dont have to always rock her and break my back lol

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