Pain in hip and lower back

Anyone get side pain around their hip / lower back pain on the opposite side they lay on? I co sleep and breastfeed and idk if it’s my posture of twisting my body but it hurts
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Yesss so bad sometimes it keeps me up half the night 😭 I also breastfeed and bed share but no idea what it is 😂

@Shannon thank you for responding!! Is it your opposite side too? Does the pain dig into your sides?

Yes it is and yes it does its so painful

@Shannon same here!! It digs into the sides of my stomach too. I’m glad I’m not alone but so sorry you feel this way too. Must be a posture thing 🤔

Yes I do, it's caused by your hips not being aligned with spine and your top leg is pulling down. I put a pillow between my knees and find this helps

Do you guys feel it when you twist your body to the side?

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