is anyone else really struggling with this age

i’ve been really lucky and had a pretty easy chilled baby who’s always slept well, recently he’s waking at 5am every morning i’m tired, he’s whiney pretty much 80% of the time and i’m just not enjoying mum life at the moment which i feel really guilty about saying i’m just struggling
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I don't know if It's the age or change of circumstances, gone back to work little one started nursery so our routine has completely changed. I'm finding it hard to juggle everything ATM, the constant whining from being tired but refusing to nap for three hours is testing my patience lol x

I could have wrote this myself at that age, I hate 12-18 months everything felt impossible I’d watched my perfect baby become a nightmare, sleep went out the window and literally everything was a massive fight. He’s 3 now and it does get better ❤️❤️

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