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Hi everyone My little girl is now 3 weeks old. Due to various reasons such as the Labour, her being poorly and husband getting covid during his leave, my mood has been up and down. I have days of crying and not feeling like I can manage. I’m still healing from 3rd degree tears and from the side effects of an epidural so my back is sore. Any advice on how to pick self up? I’m a Christian and praying regularly on this but just keep finding myself in a downward spiral.
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Have you spoken to the health visitor? They will be able to support you. I had baby blues for the first two to three weeks with low mood, random crying , anxiety etc but it soon got better. Generally, they say that if you feel low after two weeks , to speak to the health visitor xx

@Shamila thank you for this! I wasn’t sure I’m trying to stay positive It’s mostly my injury which is a problem and making me feel useless

If it helps I think this is normal, it's certainly how I felt. What you are doing now is insanely hard and you have every right to feel all over the place. I bet you don't get any sleep either. My advice is reach out to everyone, anyone, friends (especially who already have children), family, health visitor, baby groups, people on here. Don't let yourself get isolated, I'm a biiig introvert yet I felt so so lonely in the weeks after baby was born. It's very lonely especially at night but you're not alone, lots of us are also up and down all night. Just know it will get better. I will be thinking of you when my baby cries at 2am :)

Hi there… this is more than normal. I had a traumatic delivery and was a complete mess my first few weeks (I’m 15 weeks pp and only starting to get better now but that is due to other issues I had post delivery)… it really helps me to talk about my experience and how I feel… get help from friends and family… I’d also suggest urging your midwife to refer you to therapy if you had a traumatic labor. They usually wait a long while to see if you get better but that isn’t fair because it takes a toll on a body and mind that has already been through so much. Controlling my downward spiral has been the biggest challenge… I actually started spiralling today and stepping out really helped. Yes my little one cried, yes I had to somehow feed him in the middle of the street on a bench, but somehow that empowered me to know I can manage. You’re just three weeks post partum and have gone through a lot… in awe of your strength. Sending tons of positive vibes your way.

@Sophie I completely agree. I just remembered how I would feel so anxious and scared in the evenings. It definitely gets so much better as the weeks go by and you heal and get more used to things.

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