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Baby boy won't eat much savoury! Feel like I'm giving him sweet stuff all the time because otherwise he won't eat it! Need quick easy meal ideas! He won't eat anything mashed! Think I've got a picky eater.
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Edit he's 9.5 months old

Pasta with hidden veg tomato sauce (using sweet veg can make this taste quite sweet!) cheese sauce with blended cauliflower, pesto made with broccoli, tuna and sweetcorn with cream cheese (or mayo but we don’t use mayo in our house). Veggie patties made with grated veg flour egg and seasonings. Pizza omelette with tomatoes cheese and oregano. Puff pastry pinwheels with different fillings, e.g cheese and tomato, veg and cheese. Low sugar/salt beans and hoops (still quite sweet tasting) or can make your own baked beans very simply. Daal (can make with coconut milk for sweetness)

At 9.5 months old, that seems very normal I don't think you have a picky eater. What they don't like now, you just re-introduce every few weeks and make sure they see you eating it plenty My son likes broccoli, eggs, carrots, baked chicken, salmon, tilapia, shrimp, pasta, potatoes (but not mashed), but rarely when I make them. It's about how it's prepped and texture for them. My partner makes most dinners because the baby won't eat mine. I season things differently 🤷🏾‍♀️ He's 21 months now and I've figured our how he 'prefers' his eggs cooked, I make rice that he likes, etc. Never forget that this is a whole human you're getting to know. They have all these likes/dislikes/preferences and just can't communicate yet. Don't worry, just keep trying. You can introduce the same food in a different way. My son didn't like avocado but likes guacamole, he doesn't like tomatoes in his omelet but he'll eat diced tomatoes alone 😅

Second J.S, at 9.5months there's no picky eater, they are learning food, it's a long process and at that age food is just a play discovery thing they are still getting all their nutrition from milk. Make sure you serve lots of different food at every meal (I recommend the app solids start with the premium version that gives you so many easy recipes), in small quantities if you know he's not gonna eat it, just different textures and flavours all the time. Don't feed to please otherwise it'll just get worse. Up until 12 months, they are discovering what food is, what they like and dislikes (and it will change 100times) , they are meant to play with it, spit it out, throw it, this is how they get familiar with it so don't worry yourself if he isn't eating much, giving him lots of options is giving him the best possible start. Also, and I hope this is received as it is intended (with lots of love and compassion) we should be more careful at labelling our kids, it only makes things worse.

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