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Anyone 16weeks and still feeling very nauseous, tiered and with no energy 😩😩 I was hoping to feel better by now 🥺
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I’ll be 16 weeks on Monday and girl I still feel the same way😭 I’m hoping it gets better soon!

I'm 14 weeks and I still feel pretty bad but I'm taking Zofran and my doctor started having me do saline infusions twice a week. It is making me feel so much better. Can you have your doctor let you do something like that?

I just feel tired at 15 weeks

I’m 16 weeks and have more good days than bad days lately! My nausea was mostly replaced with headaches and I’m still easily worn out.

When does the fatigue end?! I am so tired I can barely get through the day. I didn’t realize how much harder this would be with a toddler! No naps this time 🥲

I’m 14 weeks and feel so tired, my body hurts and so sick even worse than I was in the beginning

@Caitlyn right there with you and having a toddler doesn’t help 😩

@Julia good idea , will definitely talk with my doctor next appt

@Michele I also have a toddler so definitely feel this to the coree 🥺🥺

glad to know we are not alone in this ladies hopee we all feel better soon!

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