Inside clear blue digital early test with one strip inside read not pregnant
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The digitals work differently to normal tests, so please don’t open them and look at the lines because honestly they won’t tell you anything! I’ve done this myself and there has been two lines when I’ve not been pregnant xx

@Abbie I opened it because I got this before

Well the picture above is pregnant obviously, but the one you have opened doesn't mean anything, it's just invalid. As others have said they work differently, aren't meant to be opened so what's inside doesn't mean anything. Congrats on the pregnancy!

While I have had two lines in a negative digital and been pregnant, I don’t recommend reading this as a positive test. The positive digital is another thing though! I would test again with a pink dye test to double check but if you did get a positive on a digital that’s a good sign.

Ah congratulations!!! In that case I’d trust it! But as a general rule the lines inside digitals are weird, I always used to get excited after opening them and then found on cb’s website it said they don’t mean anything. But that’s a nice clear answer for you ♥️ xx

@Emily I would talk to your Doctor It takes time with chemical pregnancy to get out of your system Now since you opened up a digital not pregnant one It takes time for it to go completely negative with chemical I would trust your blood work if your Doctor says it's negative it's negative ur HCG was a 5 and then 48 hours is a negative now you just got to wait until your body Starts processing and start bleeding But if not you can get help from the Doctor with medicine Hope this helps girl And again I am so sorry for your loss

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