Has anyone taken calpol through airport security? Is it okay to do so ?

I asked on the England group this morning and this is the response I’ve got
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Yes, you can bring it through

Wtf 😂😂😂😂😂😂 as above, clear bag you’ll be fine x

Yep any baby liquids including medicine are absolutely fine. I've travelled 3 times now, and have taken Calpol and/or Nurofen with me x

Yeah, I always fly with the satchets! British Airways and Virgin staff even have the stuff onboard. I recommend the satchets to avoid leaks cause calpol is sticky. I assume she was being sarcastic.

Alternatively, if there's a boots after security, you could order online & pick up once you've gone through security

I feel a bit attacked by her comment. I’m a first time mum that’s never been lucky enough to go on holiday before so I don’t know what I can and can’t take. I’ve only today learnt about airport security and we go in 2 weeks. Calpols already brought and packed so just wanted advice

It should be fine in your hold luggage, but if you've got some in your hand luggage just make sure it's in a clear plastic bag & you shouldn't have any problems. Ignore the nasty comments. You know you're just trying to do the best thing. Some people have too much time on their hands, & obviously nothing better to do xx

You can take as much liquid as you want for baby. The 100ml limit doesn’t exist for baby and medical supplies. I used to fly with 3 flasks of water and 8 bottles worth of formula tabs. Plus purées, plus calpol, plus hand sanitiser and all the other stuff like nappy cream. Just factor in an extra 5 mins at security as they will screen the bag separately. Never had an issue and good luck, I hope it’s a lovely holiday xx

@Sarah does nappy cream have to be in a clear bag aswell?

I’ll be honest, never used the clear bags. I’ve always travelled with clear makeup zip bags from Primark. They are see through but can fit everything in, quick for the scanners. I’ve done over 20 flights with my kid and never had issues with the clear bags. Things like bottles and flasks don’t need to be in them. I just take the clear cosmetic pouch out my travel bag and put that and the bottles etc in their own tray for the scanners. Once they see the baby, they give you a nod or acknowledgement, walk through the scanner and wait at the station for your bag check. Super stress free. Basically the security rules are flexible for kids and the clear bags are tiny sandwich bag things, utterly useless xx

@Sarah thank you I’m so scared because I don’t know how an airport works but from what I been told the morning having a child makes it a lot worse

As long as it's clear so they can see exactly what's in it, you'll be fine x

Don’t stress, everyone overthinks and over plans the first flight and then you get to the plane and think “that was it?”. Happy to answer any questions, we fly every month with our girl from 9 weeks to 2 years old on planes so I’ve taken a lot of liquids onboard 😂

Jeezo that’s nonsense 😂😂. I took it on holiday last week xx

She's obviously having a joke, obviously it hit the wrong audience, I wouldn't be bothered by it. Obviously you can take calpol. Having a child doesn't make it worse, if anything it's better, most airlines do fast tracked check in, luggage and security, and usually priority boarding for those travelling with kids (obviously depends on the airline) Put as much as you can in your checked/hold luggage if you have it, that way there is less to check in cabin bags.

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