barely feel movements anterior

ive had anterior placenta through all my pregnancy i barely felt movements i feel little kicks and small movements but nothing like what people say baby bouncing and all this stuff im due in a few weeks ans up to now i can feel baby shifting or moving slighty but its nothong dramatic ive been triage ect scans ect but i just feel like having anterior really blocks all movements they feel so muffled damn i wish things are actually okay
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i’m the same it’s just ruined pregnancy for me because i barely feel her moving only when i’m in bed x

@Emily its so effing annoying and its making me paro af i dont know whats normal whats not,sometimes i dont even feel pregnant i cant believe a baby is in there and find it hard to bond especially when people say their baby having a party insidw

exactly! i’m due in less than 3 weeks and i haven’t really been able to bond with my baby either everyone asks if i’m excited and i just tell them it’s not even sunk in that i’m pregnant yet because other than my belly getting bigger i don’t feel it! i feel like it’s robbed me of so many experiences i couldn’t even get a 4d scan which i did book and look forward to but because of my placenta they couldn’t get a good image 🤣

@Emily omg same here its a toral shock i cant believe this is pregnancy I guess when we give birth it will kick in lol x

I have an anterior placenta and felt movements from 19 weeks. My consultant told me by 28 weeks of pregnancy having an anterior placenta is no different to have the placenta at the back and movements should be felt just the same. But 🤷‍♀️ if you’ve been told different, everyone seems to have different advice

@Laura i felt movement from 18 weeks until now but im not satisfied with them theyre very muffled

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