ALWAYS faint ovulation

Anyone had/going through where they do the ovulation strips but the line never gets as dark as the control line? Anyone had this but still conceived? It’s month 6 now and I’m starting to get frustrated and it’s really effecting me and getting me down….. I’ve tried using different branded strips too but the same thing. 😢 I’ll att h an example of some of the strips, I won’t do the whole week. It goes from nothing to light to slightly darker than literally the same day it goes back to nothing again! Doesn’t get any darker at all from the attached photo. Would you say I ovulated and just some tests don’t always show as extremely as dark as or the same as the control line? I don’t know what to think!
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It looks like you are struggling to ovulate possibly. Are your periods regular? I’d recommend booking a GP appointment then they can run some blood tests x

In February they did a progesterone test and it was “30” and I was told that shows I ovulated? Since then coincidentally so March, April and May my periods have gone down to 24-26 days rather than 30 days and I spot for a few days before a full flow? No idea what to think!x

I mean it can be normal for you to have some months where you don’t ovulate at all. When do you start and stop testing?

I use the tampax and clear blue tracker and this month started on Saturday until today… it’s so confusing…. As I compare it to on here when other women post their sticks and you can clearly see it goes as dark as the “control” line but mine never has..?

The darkest it’s gotten is this month (above) as I changed from “clear and simple” to the boots own brand x

Have you tried easy@home tests? They're my favourite for LH testing, really clear lines. Have you tested from the day your period ends all the way until it starts again, testing every 12 hours at least? You could have really fast peak that's easy to miss?

YES! That’s exactly the same as mine, you can clearly see it getting darker but on comparison to others or what you read online it should be darker or the same colour as the control line but never is! How many months have you been testing for?xx

I read that online but then on a few forums I have read actually it’s not the same for all women and sometimes people don’t get darker test lines. I’ll post my last cycle and I’ve circled what was my peak. I’ve been using lh strips for about 3 cycles but I’ve been using apps to track my cycles for years so I kind of knew when I would ovulate roughly. We’ve only been trying since end of December so I didn’t really know what I was looking for until the last few months and to be honest I’m still learning I don’t know what is normal and what isn’t.. xx

So I always used to start testing 5 days after my period and I’d continue testing all the way through until I got a dark line and then continued to see it get lighter again. Some people ovulate really early or really later in their cycles so you could just be missing it and from 10 days I started testing 3 times a day x

You’ve both been so helpful, when my next period arrives I’ll start testing 5 days after and do the whole way up to when I see it getting darker… thank you so much you’ve both given me a bit more hope!xx

That’s just one sheet I have been testing from CD5 and I usually ovulate around day 17 as I have a longer cycle! I continue to do it after to see when it returns to nothing being there so hopefully I just haven’t had it yet.. it’s driving me nuts thinking why isn’t mine going up like everyone else’s xx

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