Tongue tied baby

Anyone have a tongue tied baby that’s congested? Wondering if it’s due to being tongue tied as he’s so mucousy. Any advice would be great
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My baby was tongue tied and it started effecting her feeding. I’m not sure if it contributed to any congestion issues, but she is doing amazing now that fixed her tongue.

@Natalie how was it affecting her feeding?

@Clare she was having difficulty latching and was constantly falling off my breast. The day after we snipped her tongue tie she fed much better it and it even felt better for me.

@Natalie hey, How old was your LO when it was snipped and how was the recovery? I will be arranging for my sons to be corrected but I’m quite nervous about how he’ll recover after!

@Chan ✨ We were told to do it ASAP if we wanted to get it done, so we made an appointment when she was 3 weeks. I was a total wreck, but it took 5 minutes and she latched on immediately after. She was fussy the day after, but after that she was completely healed. The only issue I noticed was a little blood after the procedure. If you are thinking of getting it done I wouldn’t worry at all!

@Natalie thank you! I’m glad she healed well Are you solely breast feeding? My son is 4 weeks yesterday so I better get a move on! Thank you

@Chan ✨ Of course! I’m primarily breast feeding, but pumping for night feeds for my husband’s shift 😂 if you are noticing any issues with latching or feeding I promise it will feel better after the procedure. Good luck!

I don’t think the two are related necessarily both my girls were supper congested but only one had a tongue tie. She still had the normal newborn congestion after getting it clipped

I am 35 and have a severe tongue tie and - this doesn’t affect me in any way and I certainly don’t have congestion as a result of my tongue tie so I highly doubt the two are linked. My baby has a tongue tie too, he’s eating well and gaining weight so no need to do anything for it x Newborns have congestion by the way, my midwife told me x

@Tessa @Jade thanks hes six weeks old now and congestion isn’t getting any better. Really thought it would be by now so I’m just thinking of anything I can do to help

@Natalie So I bought it up to her pediatrician at her 3 day appointment and she said not to worry. My daughter is almost 6 weeks and I still think she is tongue tied. But her feeding isn't bad maybe some gas here and there. But nothing major

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