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Hey all! I’ve just heard the most devastating thing today and I don’t know who to share it with. My sister has been away from us for a few years now and she has said to me she doesn’t believe in God and she isn’t Muslim anymore. (We come from Muslim families - born and raised) She wasn’t exactly practicing but she has stated she doesn’t believe in the fundamentals and I’m in shock. I haven’t entirely processed this just yet and don’t know what to do. I don’t want to abandon her as only I have contact with her. Any advice would be mostly appreciated 💕
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I think as long as you believe that’s all that matters. If your sister is an adult she has the rights to choose. Just make sure you are doing the right thing for you. You also have the right to not engage with her if you think it impacts your mental health. Don’t give ultimatums though.

Just keep praying for her. Be gentle. Don’t force anything. She is old enough to know what’s right. Allah guides whom he wills. Of course, the one who wants to be guided will be guided. Don’t abandon her, that wouldn’t be very Muslim like. If anything just continue being who you are and who you’ve been.

Don’t abandon her. This is the time where she needs you the most. If you abandon her she will think Islam abandoned her. She could be going through some things is all.

Since you said she has been away from u you guys for few years now could it be that she has gone through something that made her choose this path? Hence, my advice would be to keep praying for her sincerely after every salah and just be there for her too

Don't abandon her sis as Allah SWT commands us to maintain ties and He didn't state only when they are Muslim. Keep leading by your example in practice and speech and give gentle naseeha where you can. Keep praying for Allah SWT to give her hidayat. This is the best and all you can do as there is no compulsion in Islam.

Thank you so much guys. You’ve all given beautiful advice. In sha Allah I will pray for her always and pray one day she is guided back. Please keep her in your duas. 🤍

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