Unappreciative/ignorant husbands

Hey guys I just really need to vent this out to people who might understand. So my husband is great at gifts but not much beyond that. He thinks that buying me stuff will make me forgive and forget. I’m getting really sick of it. I will be taking care of household tasks (cooking, cleaning, stuff with the baby/animals etc) and he just tries to distract me or doesn’t help. He is so ignorant to the things around him it’s beyond annoying. Most recently I was making something I was really excited about when nature called. I went to the bathroom and when I came back he was sitting on his phone while it was burning 5 ft away from him. I know it was my responsibility but like if it was the other way around I’d make sure his food or whatever was okay while he was gone. I’ve talked about this with him before so it’s so annoying. Ugh 🙄
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I could have wrote this. Totally get you, SO ANNOYING. Like, wake up bro. So gross. Then he's like, "why did you let that happen" or "I thought you said were you gonna make dinner?" Or, "Why can't you do anything right" *sitting on couch thumb up his ass* What gives.

I feel you. My husband is literally the same.

I get where you are coming from...men can be so absent-minded...and not do anything unless you tell them to...common sense is not so common...argh! Sometimes I feel like pulling out my hair when I think about...therefore I don't think about it...🫢

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