30 weeks.. I don’t feel kicks anymore only feel baby gliding across my belly like a part of her body pushing on my stomach. Does that make sense?😂
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I get ya, I'm 33 weeks tomorrow and don't really feel kicks anymore, it's more of like a glide/roll I can feel now. And I've also found a lot of the movements are movements I can see and not feel

So glad you understand! As in you have to look or feel your stomach to know baby is moving?

I’m the same, only really feel the baby moving away rather than proper kicks. I think it’s because the baby has changed positions and has less space to move about so now it’s move like a turning/swooshing motion😂

Yep same! The rolls and gliding, pushing sensations all count as movements! Sometimes I feel soft little pattery kicks as well that I think are probably her arms?? I guess they've run out of room in there 🤣

Yeah as in I have to watch my belly or feel my belly to know he is moving lol 😂 not all the time cos if he does a big roll or big push I can feel them (especially the pushes, ouch haha) but a lot of his movements I have to watch my belly to see, or have my hand on my belly to feel. I think it's a mixture of him running out of room and me having an anterior placenta

My baby is doing something that we describe as “Mexican wave” and it’s visible 🤣

@Zane lmfao so glad to know I'm not the only one who's called the movements the mexican wave haha 🤣🤣

Same! I often feel that stretching feeling like he's just pushing really hard. Still feel some kicks but lots more rolling and stretching movements!

33weeks here and feeling the same alot of twists and turns rolls ,hand movement down at my pelvis .not so much kicks now you can tell he's getting cramped

33 weeks also! Had growth scan yesterday and the sonographer said it’s really common to feel more wriggles than kicks due to them running out of room !x

Me too. More like swishing rolling and limb gliding. Only every now and again the odd kick.. which still make me jump. 33+5.

Same with feel thing. Sometimes only when I have my hand on belly I can feel the limb drag. Some bits of my stretched belly are getting a little numb.

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