Hi mamas has anyone noticed a difference from when your baby was on concentrate to powder He seems so grumpy now that he’s on the powder!
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Yes my baby hated powdered formula, she only drinks pre made 🥲

Could be the formula you are giving him or just not mixing properly. I changed over from similac to enfamil because of this. Enfamil desolves way better, and the similac was always very gritty, never mixed properly. Plus, I invested in a formula mixer, a big game changer. My lil one eats approximately 4 oz, and I burp him after every oz. It's limited spit up, and there is no more fussiness. Just a cooing, smiling, happy lil boy.

@Emily I give him similac sensitive 360 total care we were giving him concentrate and I got a big power container and he’s a little gassy extra whiny and doesn’t seem like he likes the taste he will gag spit it out and spit up! He never spit up ever(he is only a month but I noticed a difference Wic offered me enfamil gentle ease but I still have so much similac left 😭 I just didn’t know it this happened to anyone else I was going to premix it and put it in the fridge to see if that helps!

Yes! The powder seemed to make my son more gassy. I stuck with ready fed

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