Foodie baby?

Anyone else have a LO who are big foodies? My son turned one two weeks ago and he’s on 3 full meals plus snacks during the day. He’s weaned fully onto cows milk and only has one bottle a day before bedtime. I often see posts about babies who struggle with food and I know I’m very blessed and I’m so grateful to have a baby that isn’t fussy with food I’m in no way shape or form trying to gloat I’m just curious is anyone else’s baby eat a lot because I haven’t seen any posts? the other day I posted a TikTok about meals I feed my baby and the comments were full of mums bashing me saying I over feed my child and that he’s too young to have full meals? An example of one of the meals was baked chicken, white rice and mixed veg (picture attached). It was to the point where I had to delete the video because it got over 200 comments of people saying I’m over feeding. My son isn’t overweight at all in fact he’s very tall and skinny, since he was little he’s always been a great eater to the point we weaned him early at 5 months (health visitor suggested) because he wasn’t being fully satisfied with just milk. I then went to search what other mums were feeding their babies and all the videos were such smaller portions compared to what I feed my son. I know we’re not supposed to compare but now I feel bad and I’m not sure wether I should cut down on how much he eats.
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For my 1 year old it would be too much but if yours eats it all he obviously wants that amount they only eat what they want to

Not overweight? Well then DGAF! Comparison is the thief of joy. I guess none of those people who commented have any joy in their lives 🤪. Congrats to your boy on being a good eater. Maybe he eats everything mine (who is chubby but doesn’t eat!) should be having 😛

If he’s eating it happily then carry on! If he’s not over weight what’s the problem? People are so quick to judge, try not to take any notice. You know your child best ❤️

Thank you everyone, just to add he doesn’t always finish his plate and sometimes half of it does end up thrown on the floor 😅😭 but he is such a good eater and I don’t force feed him at all so if he wasn’t hungry or didn’t want it he would definitely let me know! I’m gonna keep feeding him the same amount and ignore the comments x

@Charlotte the food looks so yummy! My LO loves pasta too, thank you for the reassurance 🩷

I’ve read that babies can’t override their hunger/full signals so can’t overeat! So don’t worry and relax and be happy you have a good little eater 🙊

Looks so yummy - my girl would eat that in less than 60 seconds 😂 And then have a whole banana to finish before drinking a full bottle of milk (semi-transitionign to cows milk too) and she's not overweight either, just a hungry baby which makes me happy! Is yours on the move a lot? Our little one has always been so active and started walking (almost running now!) A few weeks back. So I put it down to her needing all the energy she can get!

@Yaz thank you! It makes sense because when he’s full he just throws the food so he definitely knows not to overeat!

@Becky haha that’s so cute 😂 having a hungry baby makes me happy too my love language is giving so it brings me joy to cook and feed him! But yesss he’s always been on the go; crawling and climbing things since 6 months and he’s just started walking. Well I say walking but he just runs and tries to get as far as he can before falling over and he’s straight back up 😂 they defiantly need the extra energy

@Hayley it’s so nice to hear I’m not alone! She’s so adorable 🥺 and that’s very true I want him to eat as much as he can right now so when/if he does get fussier I know he’s tried a wide variety already xx

My LO is a teeny dot just in 6-9 mo clothes and eats 3 huge meals a day similar to your picture, no idea where she puts it!! Ignore the haters, babies are intuitive eaters and will take only what they need. So long as you’re following baby’s hunger cues, it’s nigh impossible to overfeed them xx

What’s the sauce out of interest as it looks yummy 🙊?

You are definitely not alone. I think I spend most of the day feeding my son and his portions. Definitely look like this then. He'll also want to eat my food. All babies are different in the long run. I'm glad I've got a baby that loves his food. But I also do get scared that I am overfeeding him. I'm going to speak to the health visitor about it at his one year review

100% not alone, I posted in the BLW group on peanut about my daughters meal and got absolutely roasted for putting “too much” on the plate🙄 but my daughter eats what she wants and throws what she doesn’t want on the floor and she’s putting on weight perfectly xx

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