I just got my period 9 months pp and it hurts to wear tampons for the first time in my life??? Has anyone had the same? Did this just go as your periods became more regular?
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I've not been able to wear a tampon since I gave birth 9 months ago , and I've had about 5/6 periods . And I was the same never had an issue before, it got slightly better with each period but I still can't wear one for a full day

Yeah I had the same! I was really surprised as I had a c section so really didn’t expect any changes in my noonie 🤣 almost 13m pp now and they don’t hurt anymore!

Yessss I’ve tried twice and I’m 8 month pp, it feels like it’s ripping the inside out when I take it out, I also get a period every 9-14 days it’s annoying


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