No period no pregnancy?

Hey, I’m 7 months PP & this month I’ve had no period. I’m also not pregnant. My periods are usually irregular but not by this much. Just wandering if anyone else has experienced period issues since giving birth! Just for context I gave birth naturally, no intervention & have had periods since! Not been BF for a few months either x TIA x
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do you breast feed?

I’m the same!

did u get birth control or are breastfeeding? i was always told both of those can cause no periods! i’m on the bc shot & breastfeeding but i’ve had extremely long periods that are close together 😭

@itati no haven’t done for a while & I’ve had a period after I stopped too x

My periods are all over the place. I’ve skipped a month before and this last one I had them two weeks apart 🤯 it’s been the worst!! Going to make a doctor appt soon.

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