Running out of ideas for play time!

My little girl is 9 months and hates sitting and playing. She is always on the move army crawling or trying to pull herself up on me and wants me to help her walk around. Literally cannot sit still. Any ideas on things to distract her so I can get a break once in a while?
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When I'm having one of these moments I pull out all my pots and pans and spoons 😅

A walker? So that she’s safe but can also move around

Do you have one of those sturdy wheeled walk behind toys for her? Something similar to this, that has the weighted wheel type things for lack of a better word... VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging) , Orange

You can use a bouncer that has toys and engage baby. My baby was the same, and it helped me a lot.

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