Hey mummas! I’m 14 weeks + 3 days with twins today but have the WORST headaches at the moment. Literally nothing works to help get rid of them. I have been in contact with my doctor and they said it’s most likely just pregnancy as my observations (bp and oxygen levels) are all fine. Just wondering if anyone else if having this or has any tips?
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A sip of coke - the caffeine will help clear it x

Magnesium helped me with pregnancy migraines, ask your doctor if you can take it first, but if nothing helps you should go to emergency , to make sure it’s not anything more serious..bad headaches that don’t subside with medication shouldn’t be brushed off.

@Zamala thank you z

@Emma have been drinking tea and also freezing cold showers on my head to do something to the nervous system still no luck. even fresh air used to help and it doesn’t anymore 😖

I am the same. I did not have them with my first pregnancy. I was told I had low blood pressure and that may be part of it. But I am hoping it goes soon.

I’m the same, I had it in my first pregnancy too. Unfortunately I’m yet to find anything that works 😣

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