Hospital bag lists

Sorry I know this has been asked a lot already but if you have a list please could you attach below as I just want to make sure I’ve got enough of everything! Thank you 🙏🏻 Xx
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Are hats necessary for July?

I’d recommend lip balm (they get really dry in that atmosphere) eye mask and ear plugs x

@Jenna (Jen) as baby can't regulate their own temperature yet, hospitals insist baby wears a hat when leaving the hospital. I found it ridiculous with my first x

@Mia that’s so strange, we were told the opposite with our first. It was a warm day in early September. We were told their head expels heat so unless it’s windy or chilly we weren’t to put one on baby. I wasn’t thinking of packing any this time around but maybe I should.

@Dinny it is weird. Mine was the end of July last year, it was heatwave time, also had to have a blanket over her! X

@Mia oh wow, I’ll take one in the bag then. Better to have it than not, so interesting! X

@Dinny we've been told to take two. they put one on after you've given birth and then one for coming home in. the first one can get the yucky bits on it so always nice to have a fresh one to put in when you leave.

my hospital bag(s) are pretty similar to the ones above. I would also take a hand held battery fan. I have also soaked and frozen a couple of my flannels. Also, have your partner pack a small bag too. So they have snacks, drinks and chargers at hand too. Mine is taking headphones so it's likely to be watching Netflix or scrolling through Instagram when time allows it.

@Lucy ooo home bargains usually do a spray water bottle fan! Think it's about 3 quid, definitely recommend them🙏🙏 x

That’s a good idea, about a hand held fan, it does get hot in there! *adds fan to shopping basket & notes* 😅 x

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