Pulling themselves up

When did your baby start pulling themselves up onto furniture/you?
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Mines just started doing this now !

My little girl is nearly 8 months and has been pulling herself up on us for a while now if we hold her hands. She started doing it in the little bath just over a week ago for the first time, just grabbed the sides up and raised herself up, I nearly died 🤣😅

Pretty sure my first didn't pull up until she was about 1. Started walking at 14 months. Some babies do it was earlier and some do it later. I'm in no rush this time round 🤣🥴

My baby boy is 8 months and hasn’t tried to pull himself up at all yet but I’m not worried as he’s a very active baby other than that

My lo has been doing this for a while now but she has always been ahead with movement because she was determined that she wanted to follow the dogs and her cousins round 😂. She was crawling at 7 months and walking with a walker at 8 months. She’s also in the last few weeks decided she can climb the stairs and if i accidentally leave the living room door open she makes a beeline for the stairs and starts climbing them. Every baby does things at their own pace though so don’t worry. My sister has two girls, the eldest was walking at 11 months and the youngest didn’t walk until she was 15 months because she was happy crawling round.

7 months mine starting pulling on furniture and slowly cruising around now (she's 8 months now ) .I've held her hands and she started walking . she's always determined to be moving by her self .she was crawling at end of 5 months ,so I've had to have eyes back of my head ages 🤣🤣

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