what do you do when you need a shower but baby won’t sleep?

i haven’t shaven in months and it’s making me koo koo :b. right now my method of madness is just laying down a pillow and then propping her up on a tummy time / sitting training pillow in the bathroom and then just speeding through the shower but that doesn’t leave time for anything really for fear that she’ll get upset lol
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I put mine in a chair/swing/bouncer in the bathroom with me

I actually finally figured this out today! I put her in the bouncer and put the Finding Dory Reef Camera on Disney+ on my iPad and placed it on the toilet and it kept her entertained for an entire HALF HOUR!!!! I always used to say I would never let my baby have screen time and now I’m choking on my worlds 🤣

I only get to shower if someone else is here watching her🫠

Mickey Mouse sensory video and swing.

I usually just set him up in his bouncer chair and sometimes he even falls asleep! But he does require for me to leave the shower curtain open so he can see me still 😂

I'd just put mine on the bath mat beside me. 😂

In the baby chair by the bathroom door if not inside and try whites noise on YouTube

I always put mine in his bouncer so he could see me, but it’s usually still a quick shower

I put my baby in front Of my shower 😭 I hate it but she has to see me in order to sleep

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