Missed Miscarriage 😢

Hi everyone, just found out two days ago that I had a missed miscarriage… And just got my pills today and took my very first dose. I have to take my second dose in eight hours. Does anybody have any advice on how to deal with something like this? Is the pain really as bad as people say?
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Sorry to hear this darling. Had mine on Friday. Take all the painkillers, it was very painful for me but the pain immediately stopped after I passed the second piece of pregnancy tissue. Keep warm, comfy and bundled up, make yourself a hot water bottle and put on some good tv to distract yourself. Don’t be ashamed to look at what you pass if you want to. I collected the pregnancy tissue that I passed and was able to identify my baby within it and we buried him under an olive tree 🕊️ Sorry you’re going through this too ❤️

@Abbey how many days until it ended?

I think we do it a little differently in the UK, I was given 4 misoprostol to take all at once. Was about 5 hours from taking them till i passed the baby and pregnancy tissue. Was another 4 days of constant heavy bleeding though xx

@Abbey ohhh okay yeah I was given 8 and I take four every 8 hours so it might take a bit longer, but thank you I really appreciate the help!

How’s it going? @Jada Rust xx

@Abbey yesterday was rough. I did see the baby so that was super tough, but today has been better pain wise and I’m starting to accept what happened. How are u doing?

@Jada Rust I’m glad to hear the physically painful part is over for you ❤️ Can’t lie my emotions are all over the place with all the hormone changes! Sending my love xx

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