Periods after c section?

Hey ladies I think I got my period already after my c section. I'm almost 8 weeks out. Are period hereafter normal? Or will it be like every other month or something like that like random throughout this next year? Should I expect it normal like before?
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My first period was awful but my second one went back to how they used to be

It all depends on the person, everyone’s cycle is different. Personally for me I miss periods anyways 🤷🏼‍♀️ but I also have PCOS so it’s pretty hit or miss anyways

Mine was horrific and was 7 weeks after my csection. My 2nd period came around 3-4 weeks later. Xx

I had my first bit of period at 8 weeks PP, and then it went away until almost 5 months PP. the first one was super gentle, the second one came in hard. I haven’t had my third yet. I’m “due” in about a week.

Mine came 6 weeks PP while I was EBF. It was heavier and longer than pre-pregnancy. That cycle lasted 21 days before my next period, which was shorter. My cycle than lasted 45 days, and again a longer period, and then again 44 days before a longer period. Super strange, but not surprised that it’s all over the place postpartum. Luckily for me the volume normalized and is not as heavy. Hoping to get back to my 30-32 day cycle soon!

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