Post C Section Knickers

It’s about 12 days after my c section and when I walk my tummy feels very jiggley! Can anyone recommend some good knickers to wear after a c section to keep everything in place? Currently just wearing cotton maternity knickers.
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I’d recommend the primark over bump maternity knickers. They’re a bit like suck in pants. I’m 9 days post c section and haven’t tried mine yet since the operation, but I intend to as they do seem to add a bit of compression and feel like everything is a little more secure. X

Think it’s £6 for 2 pairs (one white, one black)

The tummy control ones from m&s worked for me, that feeling is horrible 😭

Thanks all - my lower tummy is quite sore - so worried that any compression will make it hurt more!

If you’re after looser ones, George do a pack for about £9 which are cotton and loose. Think you get about 5 in a pack. I use those ones for night time. I’m finding that the tighter ones actually help the soreness in the day cos it stops it all jiggling about as much on movement. Hope you find something that works for you x

@Charlotte thank you I have the George ones - but worried about wearing the compression ones!

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