How long did it take y’all to see results?

I’m impatient ik this is my 4th day lol. But I’m doing a good amount and trying to not have as much sugar as I did. What’re tips you did to burn fat/get toned?
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I’m almost 4 months postpartum and I feel like I’m just now firming up. My weight hasn’t changed but I’ve been walking lots, doing some weights, HIIT, and a little Pilates. Eating more protein helps me a lot so I’m having 50g protein shake per day as well. Eating lots of meat and Greek yogurt too. I do still eat ice cream or Nutella toast, just not daily 🩷

Resistance training at least 3x a week, drinking at least 100 oz water a day, being in a caloric deficit and consuming at least 100g protein a day has helped me!

It took me a month however it depends what you look like when you start and how much you lose at frist I was 190lbs after I gave birth 3 months later I'm now 150lbs I lost the majority of the wight in the frist 2 months

My second pregnancy to lose baby fat by 6 week postpartum. This one was a bit tougher because I had a Cesarean Section. I exercise at home and I’m an occasional smoker if I must be honest. The weight lost was way too rapid in fact.

What kind of results are you looking for? What are you doing to measure progress? If you’re only using the scale and the mirror and only focusing on weight loss, it might get frustrating and seem like nothing is working. However if you focus on non-scale victories and take progress photos, you’ll likely see results much quicker. Some examples of Non-scale victories are realizing you resisted temptation to eat more sweets, etc than usual, having more energy, being able to lift heavier or do more reps of an exercise than before, being able to walk further or make it up more stairs without getting winded, recognizing better posture, mood or productivity - the list goes on. Exercise typically increases your energy and mood. That’s something that can be recognized the day of. Focus on enjoying the journey and make sure you can be consistent doing the type of training you’re doing and the results will come

The most important factor that helped me lose weight was thinking of physical fitness success in terms of months to 1 year from now! On a daily basis, I chose 3 habits that so stuck to 6/7 days per week. 10,000 steps, <1600 calories, gym 3x per week. You can pick different habits… but once I focused on the daily behaviors… the fitness was like a “side effect” that showed up months later. I lost 70 pounds!

It usually take me 12 weeks of consistent work to see significant progress in body composition and strength. Of course you will start seeing emotional and mental progress immediately. Celebrate your wins and enjoy the process! Fitness is a long term game.

I think it depends, also if you're PP it might take a while longer cuz your body is healing as well. I've been on and off with workouting out for the past 10 years due to a lot of life changes. At around 2 months I could see a definite change and somewhere around 2 weeks you'll start to notice things like, "Oh, I can follow along with the full 45 seconds of the plank instead of falling at the 5 second mark" 🤣 Good luck!

Low impact activities throughout the day. 2 hours of walking Protein and veggies 8hr sleep

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